"In our world today, authenticity and integrity are sadly lacking. That's what I appreciate most about Sharon Hill. She's the genuine article. Her passion and devotion to Christ and His people will inspire you. It was a joy to serve as Sharon's former pastor. You will benefit greatly from this life-giving ministry."

Bill Langley, Sr. Pastor, Severns Valley Baptist Church

"To have written a best selling book such as The Greatest Miracle in the World is a great honor and thrill, but it does not come close to the pride I have to present to you Sharon Hill, a living miracle whose magnificent presentations have changed so many lives."

The late Og Mandino, Author & Speaker
Sharon's Mentor & Sponsor into Natl. Speakers' Association

"God has used Sharon's whole life to get her ready for OnCall Prayer. She's the chosen one to step forward with an understanding, and prayer at a level that I'd never witnessed before or seen or felt. Having been a recipient of it myself with the Prayer Shield, I can give testimony to the strength of the presence of the Spirit, the impact and the blessings that come from a faithful walk in Christ. May she continue on with this good work!"

Juanell Teague, Consultant, Author, Speaker
Author of the Zig Ziglar Difference

"After hearing Sharon speak, I was inspired to pray even more consistently and I formed a Prayer Shield of three Godly women who pray for me specifically. I feel the Holy Spirit hovering over me and I know God provides me protection and empowerment."

Vickie Henry, CEO, Feedback Plus

"I am so grateful for the Prayer Shield. I have needed this in place for years as I travel and speak. It is wonderful to know my three "gal" friends are positioned in prayer for me and those I serve through Jesus Christ."

Jenny Broughton
Pastor's Wife and Nationally Known Speaker

"Sharon is a wonderful public speaker. Her content is always fresh and unexpected in a delightful way. She can deliver a great talk and pierce your heart with her message. Her charm and grace are disarming. But, what really makes Sharon such a superb communicator is the depth of her compassion. She speaks with conviction that comes from a strong faith, and she's always on target."

The late Tom Dooley
MasterMedia Ministries & Host of "The Journey" Radio Program

"Sharon Hill is a compelling prayer warrior. Her OnCall Prayer™ Program is a surefire method of encouraging personal prayer. Sharon will inspire you with her passion for prayer and her encouraging stories of how prayer changes things. The details of her program make it ready to implement and the results will bless you."

Donna Skell
Executive Director, Roaring Lambs Ministries
Past President, Fellowship of Professional Women

"The first time I met Sharon I knew this woman has something in her life that I need! As a fellow leader in ministry and a follower of Christ, I am accustomed to personal Bible Study and prayer time, however Sharon has a depth of spirituality and sensitivity to the Lord that is remarkable...and I craved such. She has the most gentle and calm spirit of any woman I know. The more I got to know her the more it became clear that the Lord had used difficulties and painful experiences to mold her into the woman God desired for her to be and to anchor her through the storms of life. THAT is what I want! If you, like me, are tired of being tossed by the wind and if circumstances make you crazy instead of calm then you need to meet Sharon. The men and women of your church would be blessed and their lives changed by attending a conference or event with Sharon Hill."

Debbie Stuart
Consultant & Trainer for LifeWay Christian Resources
Director of Women's Ministry
Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX

To Thelma Wells,
In August, I found the NRB channel quite by accident one morning at 8:00 am on Direct TV. You were interviewing Sharon Hill. I recorded that program and was watching it again this morning.

Your program with Sharon has been another wake-up call. I have been a Christian for many years, but I realized watching your program that most of my life of prayer has been sporadic and I have now discovered that most times God really wants me to pray with purpose and focus. There have always been times, especially those times of trouble, when I focus around a purpose. However, when the pressure of the trouble is past my focus becomes sporadic again. I know God enjoys any kind of relationship with us that brings us in close to him, but this year I have really been feeling that God wants to do something more in my prayer life. Sharon Hill awakened in me a new way of thinking about the whole concept of prayer and has provided an avenue to put that into practice.

Thank you for having her on your program, and incidentally, I have become a fan of Mama T.

God's richest blessings,
North Richland Hills, TX

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