OnCall Prayer Journal Testimonials

"Yesterday was a hard day. Glad to have your prayer journal leading me today."


"When I sit down and prepare my heart to venture into my OnCall Prayer Journal, a quiet peace comes over me. This has never happened to me before. The wonderful insights and scriptures awaiting me just relaxes my entire demeanor as my heart and mind open to God's leading. This gives me free rein to write and 'take captive' all my thoughts. Thank you for this journal"


"I love, love, love my OnCall Prayer Journal."


"We all love our prayer journals and you!"


"I try not to write you about every whit in your book that grabs my heart but Sharon, this one cannot go by. Looking back to underline answered prayers with my red ink pen, I re-discovered your quote: 'The only thing that moves God is my faith, not my need.' We pour out our needs to Him as if He doesn't know when we should be pouring out our faith. The words "thank you" for this book sound so pitiful when it is so enormous! But thank you again and again."


What a blessing your prayer journal is. I have done it everyday. I know it is heaven sent! It is exactly what I needed to help me enhance my journey with the Spirit.


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