In 2007, Sharon Hill founded a ministry to speak about OnCall Prayer™ across the country. Through her keynote presentations, workshops, conferences, and retreats she teaches people how to move from their own strength to God's strength through prayer empowerment, scriptural teaching and the encouragement of a purpose-filled and intentional lifestyle of prayer that deepens their relationship with God and enhances their Christian walk.

In her presentations and teachings, Sharon's heart is to reach men and women from all walks of life.

He took with Him Peter and James and John, and went up into the mountain to pray. And as he was praying the fashion of his countenance was altered. Luke 9:28-29

Most Requested Topics

OnCall Prayer™

Connecting to the Source

Many Christians today suffer from the routines of life. Facing possible defeat due to busyness, fear, burnout, and feeling overwhelmed they often lack the skills and passion needed to triumph. Many have not been taught how to pray or how they can hear God. OnCall Prayer™ presents an effective method to enhance your time in prayer.

Sharon will share . . . . . .

  • How transforming your prayer life reveals your true identity in Christ
  • How to structure your life so your quiet time will be more effective
  • How to hear answers to your prayers
  • How to pray scriptures and become a prayer warrior whose prayers avail much
  • How trusting God's sovereignty creates a steadfast hope

Prayer Shields

How Specifically Requested Prayer
Defeats the Enemy

A Prayer Shield is a specific team of three (3) intercessors who pray for you, your ministry, business and/or family. They should be trustworthy people; men or women who keep your prayer requests confidential; people of integrity who are mature in their walk with the Lord. These warriors will be your prayer covering, especially during those times when you feel you cannot pray for yourself. With the challenges and pressures of life today there is nothing quite like this kind of prayer support. The intercessors who accept this assignment will be chosen by God and honored to be asked. Key Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:12

    Description of a Prayer Shield

    Prayer Shield Covenant

    Prayer Shield Brochure

Click here to hear Sharon's interview on Prayer Shield with Jennifer Kennedy Dean, The Praying Life Foundation

  • How sometimes you cannot pray for yourself effectively
  • Where Scripture directs us to seek the prayers of others
  • How to construct a Prayer Shield
  • The power of a prayer covering
  • The assignment of a Prayer Shield
  • What a life shielded by prayer looks like

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves,
a cord of three strands is not easily broken."
- Ecclesiastes 4:12

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