OnCall Prayer™ Journal, by author Sharon Hill
Includes the "Sharin' with Sharon" CD & Red Reflections Pen

The 1-Year OnCall Prayer™ Journal is one of a kind. It is not a book of blank pages but contains 225 pages filled with 680 scriptures and thought provoking questions. Complete with the Red Reflections Pen - this Journal is a wonderful tool to help you create a way to pray, write, and hear from God on paper. The OnCall Prayer Journal presents an effective method to enhance your time in prayer. It will instill a discipline that will increase wisdom and move you from your own strength to God's strength.

Each day you journal you will enjoy many scriptures written in a variety of translations to include: a purifying process, soul writing, and a section to record your prayer requests and gratitude praises. The Red Reflections exercise is the best part of the OnCall Prayer™ Journal and will encourage you.

The OnCall Prayer™ Journal is also a perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

$26.95 ea. + $6.00 S&H (for addresses in USA)

"Yesterday was a hard day. Glad to have your prayer journal leading me today."


"When I sit down and prepare my heart to venture into my OnCall Prayer Journal, a quiet peace comes over me. This has never happened to me before. The wonderful insights and scriptures awaiting me just relaxes my entire demeanor as my heart and mind open to God's leading. This gives me free rein to write and 'take captive' all my thoughts. Thank you for this journal"


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